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Cottage cheese pie

Cottage cheese pie

I let the sheets thaw at room temperature, then unfolded them one by one. In the meantime, I lined the tray with baking paper, then I placed the sheets in the tray, greasing each one with oil.

I did this with half of the sheets (these are the basis of my pie). I added the cheese filling (I mixed the cheese well with sour cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar sachets and lemon peel - I didn't have raisins, this time to stay). The next operation was to "wrap" the cheese, so I spread over it the rest of the remaining pie sheets, and I greased them again with oil (sheet, oil, sheet, oil, etc.), including the last one :)

I put the pie in the oven until it browned, and my whole house was filled with flavor!

And after it cooled, I portioned it and served it!