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Honey's Thai Pavilion: A Taste of Bronx Honey

Honey's Thai Pavilion: A Taste of Bronx Honey

When asked why he chose Honey’s Thai Pavilion, Eugene’s response was: "Someone told me it’s the best Thai food in the Bronx." And on the restaurant’s web site, they repeat what Eugene heard. Still, the honor, however it was bestowed, was enough for Eugene to justify our gathering in the Pelham Park section of the Bronx, just under the number 6 elevated train, to see if we would concur with the restaurant’s lofty claim.

I arrived early and had a beer at Vivienne’s Bar next door to Honey’s. As I sat in the bar with a few regulars in this predominantly Italian-American neighborhood, I wondered if Vivienne, who served a cold Corona to me personally, had ever met Honey next door. And then I wondered if there really was a Honey of Honey’s Thai Pavilion.

Eugene and Rick were waiting as I entered the sparsely populated, sparkling, diner-like restaurant. Zio was braving the long train ride from Astoria and I noticed there was a message from him on my cellphone. Train troubles apparently.

Mike from Yonkers came in soon after I did, and we all perused the plastic-coated menu, searching for something that might distinguish Honey’s as the best Thai restaurant in the Bronx. From a quick inspection, the evidence was not obvious. There was the jerky appetizer (pork or beef) and mussels on the half-shell. We decided to try them and hope for the best.

We waited a bit longer for Zio and just a few minutes before he slowly made his way to our table, we ordered the fried fish cakes, the beef jerky, and a bowl of steamed mussels in a spicy broth with galangal and lime.

The silvery growth under Zio’s nose, also known to some as a moustache, was the source of our early conversation as we waited for the appetizers. We wanted his reasons for attempting such folly, but he had no explanation for it. Maybe he needed a few of the rubbery fish cakes to help jog his memory. Or maybe one of the overcooked, and evidently frozen, mussels that were served in a very good, spicy broth accented by the presence of the aforementioned galangal would do it. But neither helped Zio come up with a coherent answer to the moustache question. And by the time we devoured the addictive sweet and spicy beef jerky that was accompanied by a chile sauce ("chilly" on the menu) we realized Zio needed no justification for his facial hair choices.

The entrées were relatively pedestrian. I was hoping to find something unusual when I ordered the pad key mao, flat noodles with basil leaves, onions, and peppers in a spicy chile sauce. Our waitress inquired if I wanted it spicy. I tried to tell her that I wanted it as it should be prepared. Not quite understanding what I meant, she retorted that there were four grades of spicy: mild, medium, hot, and very spicy. I was considering one of the latter two when she suggested the medium, as if she knew my tolerance for heat. "I can bring you extra chile sauce if it’s not hot enough," she reassured me. What arrived needed no extra spice — medium had my mouth feeling nicely charred.

Nothing else that I tasted would have me exclaiming that Honey’s was the best Thai food in the Bronx. And I think the others were in agreement. Mike from Yonkers complained that the chicken in his spicy phik king was overfried while Zio’s curry noodles with beef brought out a twitch in his new moustache: "There’s no excuse for beef that tough," he grumbled, though ate it all anyway.

I know Rick and Eugene ordered entrées, but I have no idea what they were and I think that tells you all you need to know about Honey’s Thai Pavilion.

Atlantic Station

Thank you for being so patient, we are happy to announce we will finally be opening Wednesday, July 1, 2020 for Dine-In, Take-Out and Delivery Orders via UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash. We can’t wait to see you!

Omakase by Yun presents traditional sushi in a modern way, offering a seasonally focused assortment of exotic and local fish. The space is warm and intimate, set off by an elegant design of art and warm natural elements the sushi is presented with artistry and balance. Various hand crafted American and Japanese plates and the artisan sakes and hand selected wines delicately enhance the cuisine.

Located inside of Sri Thai Atlantic Station | Limited Seats Available For Booking

Honeynut squash is a new hybrid variety of Cucurbita moschata, developed by Cornell University, and a member of the Cucurbitaceae family along with pumpkins and gourds. A cross between a butternut and a buttercup squash, Honeynut squash took nearly thirty years to perfect through many years of partnership between universities and seed companies, and it had to overcome the perception that bigger isn’t always better. After the squash’s release, it was introduced in the G9 Chef’s Summit where nine of the top chef’s in the world meet to discuss food-related issues. The new squash variety then became well-known for its rich flavor packed in a small size and was listed at #39 on the Saveur 100 in 2015, which is a survey used along with recipe trials to distinguish exceptional food and produce from the well-known food, wine, and travel magazine. Honeynut squash can be used in a variety of culinary applications and is favored for its small, individual serving size and rich flavor.

Honeynut squash was created from butternut and buttercup squash, two cultivars that have been shown to contain vitamin A, a nutrient to help maintain normal organ functioning, and vitamin C, an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system. The squashes also provide lower amounts of potassium, fiber, iron, and calcium.

Featured Restaurants

Restaurants currently purchasing this product as an ingredient for their menu.
PFC Fitness Camp Carlsbad CA 888-488-8936
Wonderland Ocean Pub San Diego CA 619-255-3358
Plan 9 Alehouse Escondido CA 760-489-8817
San Diego Freedom Ranch Campo CA 619-478-5696
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My Yard Live San Marcos CA 619-339-1686
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UCSD La Jolla (Pritikin Intensive) San Diego CA 858-657-6473
Neighborhood Burger San Diego CA 619-446-0002
Communal Coffee - Fern St. San Diego CA 619-305-9525
The Farm Golf Club Rancho Santa Fe CA 858-756-5585
Lafayette Hotel San Diego CA 619-296-2101
Golden Door San Marcos CA 760-761-4142
Spill the Beans (Seaport) San Diego CA 619-276-6700
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Del Mar Country Club Rancho Santa Fe CA 858-759-5500 x207

Chili Fish Sauce

Chili fish sauce is one of the most popular sauce that you will be served with in Thailand.

Chili Garlic Fish Sauce

Easy versatile condiment for most dishes.

Chinese Chive Dumpling Sauce

A little sweet, a little sour soy sauce base with a hint of heat.

Giant Noodle Roll Sauce

Nam Jim Goi Tiew Lohd

Sweet and sour sauce for steamed giant noodle rolls.

Green Mango Chili Fish Sauce

Fish sauce with shredded green mango, spiced with Thai chilis, lime juice and shallots

Hot Shallot Sauce with Toasted Rice

A simple sauce that with wonderful toasted rice aroma.

Hot Yellow Bean Sauce

It's this spicy sauce that makes the dish!

Peanut Dipping Sauce for Fried Tofu

This peanut sauce truely dresses bland tofu up for the party.

Peanut Sauce for Satay

Thick curried peanut sauce for dipping satay in.

Sauce for Grilled Pork

Sweet and sour (by tamrind) hot sauce with chopped cilantro.

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Sweet, sour and hot sauce versatile to fried food.

Sweet and Sour Tamarind Sauce

Sweet and sour sauce, made from palm sugar and tamarind.

Tod Mun Sauce

The cucumber is pickled in sweet sour hot sauce topped with crushed peanuts.

Peak Season Markets are Open!! Thursday’s & Saturday’s 8am t0 1pm

Thursday’s Market – Harris Pavilion at 9201 Center Street.

Saturday’s Market – Commuter Car Park at 9024 Prince William St.


Many New Vendors to see and meet (Cigars, Wine, Bow Ties, Deli Meats & Cheese) and your favorites returning. Coming to our Market is like taking a trip around the world with vendors selling items and food from the country they come from.

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Interested in trying our market out? Be a drop in vendor and see how it goes and if you are a fit. $30 to drop in for a day.

In a bowl, combine oyster sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, brown sugar, garlic, lime juice, and chili pepper. Stir until the sugar has dissolved.

Place shrimp in the marinade and stir well to coat.

In a wok or frying pan, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Once hot, add the shrimp along with the marinade.

Stir-fry for 2 to 3 minutes or until the shrimp are plump and pink. They will also be lightly browned from the sauce. Avoid overcooking or the shrimp will turn rubbery.

Test the sauce for taste and adjust as needed to achieve a salty-sweet balance. Add more sugar if it's too sour. If it's too salty or sweet, add more lime juice.

Top the shrimp with coriander and add some lemon slices on the side. Enjoy!

How to Store and Freeze

  • Refrigerate Thai garlic shrimp in an airtight container for up to 4 days. Reheat gently in a skillet until hot.
  • To freeze, transfer the shrimp to a food storage bag and remove as much air as possible. Freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw frozen leftover shrimp in the refrigerator overnight and reheat in a skillet until hot.

How to Butterfly Shrimp

With a small, sharp knife, cut down the back of the shrimp, cutting about 3/4 through it. If not deveined, remove the vein and then spread the meat until flattened.

Ways to Serve

This shrimp stir-fry works perfectly as either a light entree for two people or an appetizer for a group. Either way, it can be plated to make a great presentation.

For a dinner or lunch entree: Simply slide the shrimp onto a serving platter and sprinkle with coriander, plus an extra fresh chili (if using). Add lemon or lime wedges to the side and serve with rice or a crusty French loaf of bread.

For party service or as an appetizer: Use tongs to pick shrimp out of the pan, allowing most of the sauce to drip back into the pan. Arrange the shrimp on a serving platter with tails up and stick a toothpick into each to make eating them easier. Pour sauce over the platter and sprinkle with fresh coriander. Garnish with lime wedges.

What Is a Good Substitute for Oyster Sauce?

Oyster sauce is a thickened mixture of oyster juices, salt, sugar, cornstarch, and other ingredients. If you can't find oyster sauce, use a combination of equal amounts of soy sauce and hoisin sauce.

1. Korean Shaved Ice

Also known as bingsu, this Korean shaved ice dessert will cool you down on a hot summer day!

Its most popular variety is called patbingsu, which means ice shavings with red beans.

Along with the red bean paste, patbingsu may include other sweet toppings like chopped fruits, fruit syrup, and condensed milk.

You can also try other variations of this Korean dessert like Oreo bingsu. For a simple yet fun twist, top it off with ice cream or breakfast cereals.

And for dessert…

Pelham Bake Shop
1650 Crosby Avenue near Roberts Avenue
I just love this longtime neighborhood gem. It's large and bright with lots of seating, and there are so many desserts to choose from: cakes, cookies, Italian pastries, you name it, all made fresh daily.

Teresa's Gourmet Italian Ices
1298 Crosby Avenue near Waterbury Avenue
Though you can order soup and sandwiches at Teresa's, the real draw is dessert. And you’ll find much more than Italian ices here. Indulge in homemade pies, cannoli, cupcakes, gelato and more. Teresa's also has an outpost in Scarsdale in Westchester.

This Manhattan Valley go-to has recently reopened for takeout and delivery Wednesday through Sunday. The considerably lengthy menu has something for everyone, from boat noodle soup and braised beef soup with rice vermicelli to curried rice salads and an array of grilled skewers. Delivery is available via Chownow.

Regulars of chef Prasong “Pat” Kanhasura’s Harlem restaurant know that he usually cooks up his own playful creations, but those seeking something more specific can order dishes like a tamarind coconut milk noodle dish best enjoyed with crab meat, khao mun gai, and a fried chicken with spicy plum sauce. Call 646-429-8128 to order takeout and delivery in the area.

Wild Honey @ Pavilion KL

Wild Honey @ Pavilion KL is every brunch lover’s dream. Recently, they have just introduced a bigger and better menu that offers a range of all day dining options, along side with their classic all-day breakfast items.

On the weekends, it is a great place to enjoy a long lazy brunch in such a buzzing atmosphere.We stopped by to have a taste of what Wild Honey has to offer.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup (RM 15)

Roasting cauliflower brings out its nuttiness and enhances the flavors in this delicious, healthy soup. So good with some chick peas and chicken chorizos.

Tunisian (RM 35)

This classic shakshouka dish is done right – incredibly flavourful and that perfect braised egg. It is also a great dish to dunk some soft, warm brioche in, especially on lazy Sunday mornings.

Bondi Prawn Burger (RM 43)

Downy soft brioche buns are filled with an all prawn patty, avocado, gem lettuce, watercress and a creamy mix of wasabi mayonnaise sauce – so good! I like how the prawn patty is chunky with diced shrimp and seasoning.
Sweet Morning (RM 27)

This twiced cooked signature brioche french toast is stuffed with a thick slice of mango inside and served with vanilla bean mascarpone and maple syrup. What a great combination that leaves us wanting for more!

Sweet Mak Mak (RM 15) is a thai milk tea flavoured pudding served with mixed berries. It is silky smooth and not too sweet to the palate.

Wild Honey Malaysia
Add: #06-645, Level Six, Pavilion Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Daily, 10am-11pm (last orders 10pm)
Tel: 03-2110-1626

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