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Packaging 101: How to Wrap Food Gifts of Every Type

Packaging 101: How to Wrap Food Gifts of Every Type

These tips will ensure your gifts don’t end up squashed in transit this holiday season.

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Anyone who has ever shipped baked goods knows how truly daunting it can be – you want to send homemade holiday goodies to your friends or family, but you’re scared of them opening up a package full of crumbled cookies or smashed pie.

What can you do to ensure your edible holiday gifts aren’t destroyed upon arrival? A ‘fragile’ stamp and ample bubble wrap might sound great in theory, but these packaging tips will help you spread holiday cheer (and you won't have to worry about smashed treats!)

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Stack Those Cookies

Parchment Paper Is Your Friend

For fragile treats like homemade fudge, parchment paper is essential to ensuring your creation doesn’t stick together and meld into a messy blob. Separate individual pieces among mini cupcake liners or squares of parchment paper. Try this set of 24 half sheets from Sur La Table.

Put a Bow on It

Tie packages of treats with ribbon or bakers twine for a festive touch (and an extra layer of security.) Be sure to wrap your packages or bakery boxes of treats with twine or ribbon before placing them in your shipping box to ensure they don’t spill out of their container.

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