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8 Essential Hanukkah Gifts Every Host Will Want

8 Essential Hanukkah Gifts Every Host Will Want

Hint: It’s not another chocolate babka.

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The eight wonderful days of Hanukkah are almost here. While you’re busy curating a schedule that lets you hit every Hanukkah party in town, we found some essential gifts to help make sure you make it on the guest list next year. Buy one for the big family gathering, or opt for all eight to give to your Hanukkah host every night.

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Blue Mosaic Salad Plates, Set of 4

We’re stocking up on these stunning salad plates. The deep blue and golden designs make for a perfectly mismatched set that truly dress up your holiday table. Use these striking plates for appetizers, salads, or gefilte fish.

Sur La Table Napkins, Set of 4

Every holiday table needs elegant cloth napkins to steal the show. This design boasts a beautiful Star of David, keeping to the festive theme.

Blue Mosaic Rectangular Plate

Latkes, smoked salmon, and sufganiyot will shine on this gorgeous platter. We especially love the dark blue diamonds with yellow highlights.

Menorah Napkin Ring

Holiday tables will sparkle with these silver accents. The menorah-shaped napkin rings are made from brass with a nickel-plated finish, and are a perfect final touch to your spread.

Hanukkah Celebration Icon Condiment Bowl

The four compartments of this handpainted condiment bowl show all sides of the dreidel, making it a unique stoneware piece. Scoop in latke toppers like applesauce and sour cream, or fill with dill pickles and crudites for a table nosh.

Blue Mosaic Glassware Collection

Purchase these glassware in sets of four as tumblers, stout goblets, or wine glasses. The collection is painted with lovely gold and blue, and finished with an eye-catching 24k gold rim.

2016 Engle Wines Finger Lakes Riesling (Kosher) 750ml

Go classic by bringing a signature bottle of wine to the party. Fried potato latkes and fish pair perfectly with a semi-dry white wine, such as Riesling or this 2016 Baron Herzog Chardonnay. If you plan to choose something in-store, check the back for indication the wine is kosher if it’s important to your host.

Dreidel Wine Topper

Dress up your wine bottle with these adorable dreidel and gelt wine toppers. The simple decorations help add some flash to your tabletop, without looking cheesy.

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