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Healthy Super Bowl Appetizers

Healthy Super Bowl Appetizers

Don't end your Super Bowl Sunday feeling like you overindulged. Dress up your appetizer collection with these healthy recipes that will keep football enthusiasts and foodies alike satisfied. Go with classic game day food like Stuffed Jalapeño Bites and Glazed Cocktail Meatballs, or take it a step further with elegant recipes like Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs and Broiled Shrimp with Rémoulade. Even vegetarians and vegans will be able to enjoy the spread thanks to appetizers like BBQ Jackfruit Nachos and Mini Guacamole Bowls.

Lobster and Bacon Stuffed Jalapeño Bites

Put down the wings and elevate your happy hour appetizers with these flavorful bite-sized poppers. The cream cheese balances the spice of the jalapeños with the richness of the lobster and bacon.

Sticky Asian Chicken Wings

Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez

Because the wings get a good bit of char, the type of honey you use isn't as important here (it'll lose its subtler nuances). Though we remove the skin from the wings, you'd never know it—they pick up an irresistible crispy crunch as the glaze cooks under the broiler. Give yourself a better grip when skinning each wing by holding it with a paper towel in one hand and pulling the skin with another paper towel in the other hand.

Vegan Loaded BBQ Nachos

Whether you're whipping up this recipe for a tailgate or just a movie night in with friends, everyone will enjoy these plant-based nachos. Jackfruit's meaty texture gets coated in a honey-cayenne barbecue sauce that makes every bite a sweet and spicy experience. Drizzle on creamy vegan nacho cheese, go to town with fresh toppings, and you've got an appetizer or snack recipe that will satisfy vegans and meat-eaters alike.

Mac and Cheese Bites

Feed a hungry crowd these all-star, feel-good favorites at your next party. Nothing is as comforting as melty, creamy, cheesy, comforting macaroni and cheese. Be still our hearts.

Glazed Cocktail Meatballs

These mini meatballs are perfect for tailgating. We made them healthier by forgoing sodium-heavy ingredients like the usual ketchup and chili sauce and including whole-grain bulgur in place of breadcrumbs. You can also serve a larger portion of these meatballs for weeknight dinner. To up the kid-friendly factor, omit the ground red pepper in the glaze and serve with mashed potatoes (à la Swedish meatballs).

Chili-Cheese Spiralizer Fries

Create these fabulously decadent—but still light—spiralized fries for a quick tailgating appetizer. Taking any guilty pleasure and transforming it into a calorie-friendly option is always a good idea. Feel free to play with your favorite chili recipe here.

Two-Cheese Veggie Nachos

We love the double-cheese contrast here: Shredded cheese melts into a bubbly blanket over the tortillas, while cumbly queso fresco covers the veggies with a salty kick. It's an impressive dish for coffee table dining—it's fun to keep it all on the baking pan and serve as a shared platter.

Sesame-Soy Nut and Pretzel Mix

If any one dish is devoured quickly and constantly (usually by the fistful) throughout the Super Bowl, it’s snack mix. Consisting of salty nuts, pretzels, and cereal doused with a Worcestershire and butter, this innocent munchie racks up sodium and calories quickly. Our healthier version gives you all the salt, crunch, and bold spices of the original with the addition of whole-grain popcorn, toasty whole-wheat cereal, and spicy wasabi peas. The peas inspired an Asian track with toasty sesame oil and reduced-sodium soy sauce, cashews, and pungent ground ginger.

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Dress this staff favorite with cold-smoked salmon atop a creamy filling seasoned with fresh dill. You can easily double or triple the recipe to feed a crowd.

Mini Guacamole Bowls

Time for football? We’ve got your post-dinner snack that your team can’t pass up. Assemble some easy Mini Guacamole Bowls to snack you through the late afternoon. Light enough to prevent guests from attacking the leftovers too early, avocado and crunchy blue corn chips are sure to satisfy the gametime cravings.

Goat Cheese Queso Dip with Vegetable Chips

This warm, tangy twist on fundido is perfect with beer; the bubbles help cut through the richness. We pair with veggie chips, but you can also serve with crudités for a fresher take. The dip is very easy to put together. One note on mixing: Blend the beans until they are completely smooth and puréed for the silkiest, creamiest results. You can’t overblend it, but if you stop too soon, the dip might have a few lumps. The great thing about this dip is that it can be made ahead and rewarmed when you’re ready to serve it. To reheat, stir gently over low heat until hot. For an herby version, add a generous 1⁄4 cup of a mix of chopped herbs, such as parsley, chives, and a little basil.

Broiled Shrimp with Buttermilk Rémoulade

Quick broiled shrimp paired with spicy remoulade dipping sauce is sure to rally a crowd at the appetizer table. This Super Bowl staple is naturally low in sugar and rich in lean protein.

Date, Walnut, and Blue Cheese Ball

This retro-chic snack can be served with raw veggies, crackers, or toasted whole grain bread. Medjool dates add natural sweetness and chewy texture, while blue cheese creates the ideal salty, tangy contrast. Bonus: you can prepare it up to two days in advance.

Blue Cheese-Bacon-Spinach Dip

The bold flavor of blue cheese and saltiness of the bacon give a creative punch to your average spinach dip. Serve with celery sticks for an added crunch.

Chipotle Black Bean Dip with Corn Chips

A common craving among Our Site users is chips; our homemade tortilla chips keep fat and sodium in check. This snack quells an oft-cited yearn for Mexican fare and has protein, complex carbs, and fiber.

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