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Hostess Gifts 2016

Hostess Gifts 2016

Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

Don’t show up empty-handed to this year’s festive parties. These great gifts let you thank your gracious host or hostess with style. No matter the type of party, whether it’s more appropriate to bring antler drink markers or a custom monogrammed muddler, you’re sure to find something on this list that will fit the bill. Most of these hostess gift ideas are under $40, so you can enjoy the revelry again and again without breaking the bank.

UncommonGoods Twist Decanter

Created to aerate wine twice over, this glass Twist Decanter makes an eye-catching centerpiece. Sure to be the talk of the party for wine enthusiasts.


1Canoe2 Milk and Eggs Tea Towels

Adorn a stove or fridge handle with these adorable dish towels for a fun pop of personality. These soft 100-percent cotton towels are sold separately or come in packs of two—one with milk illustrations and one with eggs. Pick your favorite, or pick them both. For a hostess, add a bottle of your favorite bath salt or a favorite tea mix and mug. Keep a few of these delightfully illustrated towels on hand for when you need a last-minute gift that still has lots of personality and consideration.

$28/set of 2,

Sur La Table Antler Drink Markers Set

Keep things festive—and organized—with this Antler Drink Markers Set. Easy to use for wine or bottles, it appeals to all types of party hosts.


Tisch New York Lines Coaster

Don't stare too closely, or these coasters from Tisch New York may hypnotize you. Of course, they may do that anyway because they're so fun. These decorative coasters are great to fill out a gift basket or give to the man or woman who loves to add personality to their desk or table with trinkets like coasters and trivets. These coasters, made of wood and backed in cork, are easy to clean and measure 3.75".

$45/set of 4,

Whole Foods Market Thistle Farms Soy Wax Candle

Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

Available in geranium & citrus, lavendar & lemon, frankincense & ylang ylang, and fresh pine (and also available as room sprays), these cozy soy wax candles are an easy gift for anyone. And if that wasn't enough, the sale of these essential oil blends will go towards the nation’s largest social enterprise led by women survivors of trafficking, addiction, and prostitution.

$14-22, Whole Foods Markets

May Designs Meal Planner Journal

Photo Courtesy of May Designs

Planning menus and compiling grocery lists is a weekly chore for many of us, but May Designs' adorable Meal Planner notebook makes it much more fun. They even have pages for you to record favorite recipes. The Classic size, which is 5" x 8" features 80 pages. The notebook's soft canvas cover makes stashing the notebook in market bags or back pockets comfortable and convenient.

Starts at $18,

Round Pond Estate Mini 4-Bottle Oil Gift Set

An all-purpose present, everyone appreciates a good oil and vinegar combo. This world-class set includes interesting oil flavors like Meyer Lemon and Italian Varietal, and red wine vinegars like Cabernet and Sangiovese Blend.


Via San Vito Cocktail Napkins in Brushstroke Noir

Hand painted on 100-percent linen, these breathtakingly beautiful cocktail napkins feel one-of-a-kind and special. Each brushstroke is unique, just as the person you're gifting these napkins to. A delicate hit of gold warms up the black and white linens. For the hostess with impeccable style, this set of 6 napkins will make an unforgettable gift.


Anthropologie Happy Home Dishtowel Set

This whimsical set of four dishtowels is the perfect way to help hosts with the post-party clean up. Available in different colors and styles, they're sure to add brightness to any kitchen.


RBT Bottle Stopper

In an era of over-the-top stoppers that are more delicate and decorative than useful, RBT's hand-finished metal and silicone-rubber stoppers are as functional as they are chic. Sold as a set, these are a great gift to offer to hostesses or friends who love their vino and wouldn't want a drop to go to waste. Gift these stoppers with a favorite bottle of wine or a carrying bag for the ultimate holiday hostess gift.


Kusmi Russian Tea Gift Set

These assorted mini tins of Russian teas can warm up hosts and guests alike with their interesting flavors. Teas like St. Petersburg (hints of caramel and fruit) and Anastasia (blend of lemon and orange blossom) make this set a great gift that will delight tea lovers.


Sideshow Press Linen Cocktail Napkin Set

Your host will use these adjectives (gracious, skilled, daring, charming) to describe you when you show up with this precious set.


Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

Made of solid marble, this surprisingly affordable kitchen fixture is a must for any hosts who love a good chilled wine.


Global Girlfriend Elephant Ornament

Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

This petite-sized elephant ornament is the ideal gift for a Christmas tree or room decor. Available in many different colors and sizes, this line of colorful ornaments and trinkets from Global Girlfriend are a great solution for simple gifting during the giving season. Available at Whole Foods, Global Girlfriend produces a line of woman-made and handmade ornaments from Nepal, Haiti, and Kenya. All of the profits benefit artisans and their country of origin.

$8, Whole Foods Markets

Tea Forté Warming Joy Petite Tea Tree

Tea is a classic holiday gift, but that doesn't mean it has to be ho-hum, or worse, boring. Tea Forté's petite tea trees make a perfect gift, and they're even better when combined with a beautiful mug and tea towel. The Warming Joy Petite Tea Tree features four handcrafted infusers, which imparts flavors of Raspberry Ganache, Rum Raisin Biscotti, Spiced Ginger Plum, and Winter Chai.


West Elm Dapper Animal Tea Towels

A fanciful addition to any kitchen, these Dapper Animal Tea Towels are great for displaying. Based on actual animal portraits, these three towels are characters of their own.


Zwilling Sorrento Plus 2-piece Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mug Set

After the crowds have cleared, encourage your happy hostess to sit down to a warm cup of coffee with these beautiful new glass coffee mugs. This isn't your average coffee cup though. Each piece is double-walled to protect hands from hot liquid, and the design sets it apart from the random collection of mugs your hostess has certainly collected over the years. These coffee cups are as much about enjoying the beauty of the coffee as they are savoring the taste.


Scrappy's Classic Bitters Sampler

Perfect for hosts who are constantly whipping out drinks, Scrappy's Classic Bitters Sampler will be appreciated for its quality and variety. With flavors like orange, aromatic, orleans, and celery, there's something for everyone.


UncommonGoods Blooming Tea

Not always thought of as a visually stunning food, tea gets a whole new appearance with these hand-sewn sachets of Blooming Tea. Each flower brews an entire pot (or several cups) of tea, with three green tea flavor varieties in each jar.


American Heirloom Cotton & Flax Holiday Cocktail Kit

Bring the party to your next get-together with this Cotton & Flax Holiday Cocktail Kit. The kit includes custom engraved muddler and wool felt coasters, so all your host needs is the cocktail.


Sal Del Mar Sea Salt

For the gourmet in your life, this Cortez sea salt is sure to thrill. Packaged in a hand-embroidered bag, each is distinctly unique in color scheme and design.


Gaea Black and White Gift Set

A celebration of Greek cuisine, this hand-painted set is the ideal choice for food lovers. High-quality olive oil and vinegar are included, and they're perfect for creating a superior homemade salad dressing. You can also enjoy them in the simplest of forms, by drizzling of fresh, crusty bread.


Taza Organic Mexicano Chocolate Sampler Gift Set

For the chocolate lover on your list, these stone-ground chocolate blends are made the traditional Mexican way and feature bold flavors like cinnamon, chiles, and salted almond.


Perpetual Kid Cheese Degrees Cutting Board

A light-hearted take on the traditional cheese board, this Cheese Degrees Cutting Board guarantees no more uneven slices. Made of sturdy bamboo, the measuring features are engraved for durability.


Paper Source Calendar Wall Art

Not only does each month feature beautiful designs from Paper Source, but the backs of the papers can be re-used for note cards, file folders, and gift boxes. Everyone can appreciate a good calendar, and with stunning wall art like this one, it's sure to brighten any living space or office.


Whole Foods Market Organic Truffles

Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

Available in dark chocolate hazelnut, caramel, cappuccino, and chocolate, these rich, indulgent truffles are everything that the chocolate-lover in your life needs this holiday season. Prepared with wholesome ingredients and made in France, this is a sweet treat that you can feel good about giving to your friends.

$7, Whole Foods Markets

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