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How to Make Paper Flowers

How to Make Paper Flowers

Bring life to your table with these handmade flowers. By: Matthew Sporzynski

Handmade Paper Flowers

Fuss-free paper flowers not only function as beautiful table decor, but they're fun to make, too! Follow this simple guide to create your own at home.

1. Fold

Unfold a cocktail napkin halfway. Fold bottom right corner up and just to the left of center. Fold left side over right. Fold in half. Cut a half circle on short side of triangle. Repeat with two more napkins.

2. Dip and Dry

Dip pointed or rounded ends of triangles in a little bit of ink or equal parts bleach and water or food coloring and water for a few seconds. Unfold and air-dry.

3. Attach Stem

Cut a stem from a coat hanger, or use a straw or chopstick. Stack napkins so rounded edges face out, and gather into a blossom. Use floral wire or zip ties to attach to stem.

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