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Gorgeous Summer Glasses and Drinks

Gorgeous Summer Glasses and Drinks

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These 7 fun glasses are perfect for fresh and fruity summer drinks.

Sparkling Sangria

Hot-weather sipping is easy with gorgeous glassware and tasty, refreshing drinks. Find seven beautiful summer glasses, plus drinks to fill them.

First up, serve sparking sangria in a Wineglass

Architectural accents on the stem of Sagaform's Spectra glass really showcase sangria ($40/set of 4,

Blackberry Margarita

Serve in: Cocktail Glass

With a wide rim, CB2's tall, curvy Mae glass is ideal for margaritas, fresh fruit, or even scoops of sorbet ($5 each,

Sweet & Sour Plum Quencher

Serve in: Double Old-Fashioned

The Paillette glass has hammered-texture details and pleasing heft ($416/set of 4,

Cucumber-Mint Tequila Tonic

Serve in: Highball

Hand-applied rings of opaque white glass add whimsy to Mikasa's Swirl highball glasses ($19 each,

Watermelon Bellini

Serve in: Champagne Flute

Crate & Barrel's sleek and slender Cameo glass has a hint of rosy hue ($15 each,

Cilantro-Jalapeño Limeade

Serve in: Tumbler

The tulip-like flare of Denby's Oyster tumbler just begs for a garnish of salt or sugar ($30/set of 2,

Whiskey Cocktails

Serve in: Whiskey Tumbler

The smooth, slightly rounded shape of Normann Copenhagen's tumbler is inspired by beach stones. The petite size—it's just 3 inches tall—helps keep pours of sipping spirits, or cocktails like whiskey sours, light ($50/set of 2,

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