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Surprising Snacks You Leave for Santa

Surprising Snacks You Leave for Santa

We polled our Facebook fans and they shared their traditions for what they leave out for Santa. From vodka to cookies, we've got Jolly St. Nick covered.

Carrots for...Santa?

"My daughter felt he needed to eat a little better. So last year we left soy milk, carrots, brie and gorgonzola crackers despite having cookies and treats galore in the house."

Cinthea Thurman

Don't Forget Santa Mouse

"Cookies, milk & a slice of cheese for Santa Mouse."

Suzy Brown Humphrey

Jicama for Jolly St. Nick

"My daughter (3yo) told me she wants to leave jicama out for the jolly man!"

Laurel Miller-Jones

A Little Whiskey

"We left out cookies, whisky (for Santa) and coleslaw for the reindeer."

Alyson Lewis

Santa's Sandwich

"Santa is tired of milk and cookies by the time he gets to our house, so we leave a sandwich and coke :)"

Lisa Dionne Rains Klein

Angelic Cookies

Photo Courtesy of Kerra Gazerro Hanson

"Homemade Italian Angeletti with carrots for the reindeer"

Kerra Gazerro Hanson

Rudolph's Favorite Snacks

One of our Facebook fans even leaves treats for Rudolph and his reindeer crew: some carrots and an orange.

Something Salty

"Cheese and Crackers"

Dawn Avers-Bennett

Banana Cupcakes

Santa must get sick of all those cookies, so one Facebook fan leaves him some Banana Cupcakes.

Santa's Favorite Drink

One Facebook fan leaves Santa's favorite drink—homemade cranberry vodka—with a batch of Christmas cookies.


Santa gets a head start on breakfast when he visits one fan's home; they leave out a bowl of Cheerios.

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